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When the shadowhunter, Vol'Jin, called out to the heavens in our time of need, it was the Zandalari Loa of the dead, Bwomsamdi, who answered.  Even though he had not heard the Darkspear's drums, nor drank of the Darkspear's ritual offerings for some time, Great Spirit Bwonsamdi came to our aid!  His powerful mojo helped turn the tide against the heretic, Zalazane, who had driven us from our homeland with dark, forbidden magicks.  In return for this, Vol'Jin swore that the Darkspear would sound their drums again for Bwonsamdi, and that we would never again forsake him.

The trolls of Bwonsamdi'watha seek to honour this pact, and pay respect to the Zandalari Loa of the dead, who helped us regain our sacred homeland.  His great spirit must be repaid, with offerings of blood and devotion!  We will sound our drums in his name, and sing songs again of his power! 

Thanks to great Bwonsamdi, the Darkspear have a home again!  Thanks to great Bwonsamdi, the Darkspear have a culture again!  We cannot possibly thank him enough, but we will try.  With our help, his great spirit will be lifted on high once again, where it will find residence among the likes of the mighty Shirvallah, and the cunning Spider-Queen, Shadra, whom we also honour and praise!

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